Summerside Stories

Summerside Beach

Life Around the Bay, Down Under

I'm pleased to introduce THE SUMMERSIDE TRILOGY three stories set in a small seaside village in Australia. The stories chronicle the lives and loves of brother and sisters -Jack, Renita and Lexie Thatcher.

Her Great Expectations

HGEcoverPerfection isn't out there...but what about love?

All right. So Jack Thatcher has 
experienced deep, personal tragedy. Dr. Sienna Maxwell gets that. But how can the man drop out of life the way he has, pretending to be happy hosting fabulous dinner parties and puttering in his back shed? That's something she will never be able to understand. Because he's only pretending, right?

Sienna's a shoot-from-the-hip high achiever, who demands no less from everyone around her. Driven and determined to make her new medical practice--and everything she touches--a success, she wants a whole lot more from Jack than charm...and kisses. She wants nothing less than perfect.

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In His Good Hands

She holds all the money... but he has all the sex appeal! 


Renita Thatcher never imagined she’d see Brett O’Connor in town again—let alone in her office. Over the years, Renita has only caught glimpses of her old crush in the tabloids as Brett jet-set his way to football superstardom.... Oh, who’s she trying to kid? She’d followed his career religiously. And his marriage to the gorgeous, high-profile trophy wife. Ex-wife.

Now Renita, the only loans officer in Summerside Bay, has something Brett wants. Just like in high school, she’s in a position of power over him, but this time, she doesn’t want to mess it up. Her next move is critical. Does she want revenge or does she want to surrender herself to a guy who looks better than her best fantasy?

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Two Against The Odds


“You’re being audited.”

That’s hardly his most winning opening line, but Rafe Ellersley isn’t here to make friends. He’d promised himself—and his boss—that this audit would be different. This time, he would be the consummate Australian Tax Office investigator. Cool, detached, professional. He’d bring Lexie Thatcher, tax-dodging artisan, to justice with ruthless efficiency. No more bending the rules. It’s the only way to save his job.

But Lexie proves a far greater challenge than he’s been prepped for. Her world is a crazy canvas of chaos and confusion, complexity and color, unlike anything he’s ever known. So who can really blame a tax guy like him for what happens next....

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Two Against The Odds - Review from Dear Author's Jayne

Dear Ms. Kilby,

I know I’m not alone in dreading the thought of getting that first line of the book blurb delivered to me. Years ago in an episode of “Roseanne,” she and her husband Dan were trying to get their taxes done and every time the IRS was mentioned, there was this ominous Da Da DUUUUUM! music played in the background. But on the other hand, I love to see accountants made sexy so the same blurb made me want to dive right into this one.

Two Against the Odds by Joan KilbyFrom your author bio, I noticed that you’re Canadian yet the book, the last in a trilogy that I want to go back and read the first two at some point, is set in Australia. What? Are there no hot accountants in Canada? There must be. Show of hands- who knows an accountant from Canada they’d jump in a heartbeat? All right, enough joking and playful banter. I’ll get to the review.

I’ve been reading romances for years and there are few tropes I’ve not come across nor ways into or out of conflict. Usually I see the resolution coming from a mile away and can almost write it myself. I’m used to characters being presented with potentially awful outcomes yet somehow things miraculously come about. Here, I honestly didn’t know what you were going to do and how things would turn out. The twists and turns actually surprised me and made me amazed at the risks you’ve taken in a romance book. I’ll bet that some people aren’t going to like the reality that you slap the characters with but I found it refreshing. I will issue a warning that people who have had trouble conceiving might want to think hard about reading this book. That’s all I’ll say.